General Media Credential Guidelines

House of Garcon and CDG Community (CDG) reserves the right to approve or reject a request for credentials, at their sole discretion

  • If a photographer’s actual name is not known at this time, please submit generic information.
  • Please complete the form below. Providing the name of the organization, the organization’s website, names of persons requiring credentials and their titles.


I. Overview

The following media credential guidelines were established to provide an overview of the procedures followed by CDG in processing media credential requests and a clear understanding of the guidelines for media access at event sites.


II. Eligibility

CDG will issue media credentials to members of the working press. By definition, a member of the working press shall be a paid employee or representative of a known and established media organization (newspaper, magazine, television, radio, website, etc.). Journalists who receive credentials must be on assignment for a specific media organization at each event. All journalists who wish to attend any CDG events must submit a media credential application pursuant to this policy and the guidelines stated above.. Freelance journalists must submit a media credential application indicating the scope and purpose of the requested coverage. Organizations may request more than one media credential for coverage.


III. Application Deadlines

It is recommended that you submit your credential request a minimum of least two (2) weeks out from the start of the event.


IV. Credential Acceptance

Once you have been approved by CDG you will receive an email with the acceptance information for your media credentials.


V. Credential Usage

Credentials must be used by person it was issued to. Credentials may not be given or loaned to another person for any reason. Credentialed journalists will receive free admission to the event and access to media work areas at the event venue, as well as any other areas where media accreditation is provided access. A media credential does not guarantee access to all areas of the venue. The credentialed media will most often have access to most areas but this is not guaranteed.

Misuse of a media credential will result in the immediate loss of the credential, removal from the media areas and the possible loss of credential privileges for future events for the journalist and his/her organization.


VI. Interview Policy

CDG will be glad to provide opportunities for the media to interview requested individuals.

CDG reserves the rights to acquire any photos or video upon request at no cost to be used in advertising within videos, website and print materials. Credit for the work will be given if possible in most cases.

By continuing with this submission, you implicitly agree to the Terms and Conditions stated above.

If you should have any questions, please contact:
Media Credential Request
CDG Community