The Cheat Sheet

(Tickets for Love Sex Play can be purchased at the door on the night of Ball.)

Grand Prize 

OTA – Perfect 10’s $5000

Comme des Garcons is known for abstract creations

For our 10th anniversary, we ask for a first-class presentation.

The Met Gala 2017 will serve as your base

We want Face, Body, and Realness but all in good taste.

You must have all 3 as this magazine idea comes off the paper

This is Grand prize this is art can you pull off this caper!

  • What is this calling for?
    • You can recreate what someone wore on the 2017 Met Gala Runway or exhibition or you can create an inspired look from someone on the runway or the exhibition.
  • Should I bring a picture of what I’m trying to present?
    • Why not it doesn’t hurt I suggest you do just so that everyone has a clear understanding of what you are presenting.
  • Does it have to be a production?
    • It’s $5000 we are not giving money to just give it away make it worthy of $5000. You are there to make a moment!
  • I am a cisgender female and I want to walk is this allowed?
    • This is a touchy subject but the answer is no. Due to the fact that this is calling for “Face, Body & Realness” Realness applies to BQ, Transgender Persons, BQ in Drag and Butch.
  • How long can my production be for this category?
    • No longer than 3 minutes.
  • Will I have to battle my house members or do we take the cash as a house?
    • There can be only one winner! If there are people left in the same house they will battle until there is one. There is  no taking it as a house! You are Perfect 10’s you will stand alone!


Mini Grand Prizes


#1 Best dressed with an Understudy -$1000.00

Tonight, the ballroom is your class

Showcase to us all why you’re a fashion badass.

With your non-fashion understudy in tow

They are walking with you to steal the show!

The understudy with one label piece from any year any season

You’re the Best Dress Duo make us know the reason.


  • Can my understudy have walked a fashion category before?
    • No, the understudy must be new to this category, they must have NEVER walked a fashion category before.
  • What qualifies as a label for this category?
    • Accessories, belts, shoes, bags, clothing, but not jewelry.


#2 BQ Face Era vs Era – $1000.00

(5 Trophies,  Battle for the Cash)

Icon Whitney Garcon is the ambassador for face!!!

Tonight, we want Grandeur and opulence both you must embrace.

In elegant attire, this night you should display the same

Tonight, of all nights you are on top of your game!

No silence or shoulders or undecided judges

Bring us carta, makeup in good taste but sweetie no smudges.

Face is a must there should not be any hesitation

Tonight Face, everlasting Carta is our only fixation!

  • What do I have to wear for this category?
    • You must be elegantly done! No jeans etc. Done. Suits, Evening jackets etc.


#3 Team Runway Era Duo – $1000.00

Overall Mother baby has requested a task of two…

She wants extravagance not something that just gets through.

A team of two combining two different Eras

Show us why your legacy will never die, no never!!!!

Any combo of runway anyone can be a model

Create a show-stopping effect that will not toddle.

In a nasty effect and a cape, train or Ovah hat with flare

Storming the runway together as an undeniable runway pair!

  • Do we have to be in the same house to walk?
    • No, you don’t have to be in the same house.
  • Can we wear what we want or is there something specific we have to wear?
    • Your effect must include EITHER a cape, a train OR a hat with flare!
  • Can I wear any hat?
    • As long as the hat is turning it.  It has to be a hat that is turning it!


#4 Performance As A House – $1000.00

With splendor, you have decided to accept this quest

Take us to India is all I request.

We want more than dips and catwalks to move the crowd…

Also, use elements from Bollywood to make the club get loud.

A team of 3 or more is all I ask

Tonight you’re teaching Vogue Masterclass!

  • Will the final battles be as individuals or as a house?
    • There will be no final battle of individuals.
  • Then how will we be judged?
    • You will be judged on your performance as a house. How well you choreographed the routine, your execution and overall performance as a house, not individuals.
  • How big is the runway and will we have access to the stage?
    • The runway is 50’ x 10’ and you will have access to perform your routine on the space on the stage to face the crowd and have more space for the routine.  You WILL NOT have access to the whole stage just the first ¼ of the stage.
  • How long can my production be for this category?
    • No longer than 3 minutes.


#5 OTA Legendary Realness – $1000.00

Legendary, Legendary you are

Being clocked is not you by far.

In your life, you have been through some things

In this category, I want to see how you have changed

First, come representing your past life

Showing us all your former pain, sorrow, and strife.

You will then come again showing us the new

Representing who you are now the successful you!

  • What are you looking for, for this category?
    • This category is about you, the Realness Legend. I want to see how you as a person have progressed in life. This is a chance for you as a legend to tell your narrative.  I want to see what you were in the past and how you have progressed and grown to be where you are at now. For example, if in your past life you were a drug dealer and now you are a college grad.  You will first come out as a drug dealer for the first part and be judged then you will come back in the second part as a college graduate. If you were a college student in the past and now you are a small business owner. Then you will come out as a college student then on the second have you will come back as a business owner.  Another angle is in the past you may have struggled with your gender as bq escorting now you’re a successful transgender college student. We all have a story of overcoming. I don’t care about whether you walk schoolboy realness, thug realness etc. You are real we know this you are a legend. What we don’t know is your real life realness. 
  • Can I have a production for this category?
    • Hell yeah, this is your life do your thing we want to see your transformation and celebrate you go all out!!!


OTA Foot and Eyewear: Avoid Shoeicide

(2 Trophies MF/FF)

The love of style is where it starts,

Of course foot and eye comes from the heart.

Dripping in it is right…dead on.

Will, it be one of a kind, or surprise us with Garçon!

(Both pieces must be ridiculous disgusting, 2018 and beyond!)

  • This is basic bring us 2018 sickening pieces!


Virgin Runway: A MEAN Jean

You’re new, and pure, and never won a ball.

Tonight wear all denim to this casting call.

That’s right, head to toe, in nothing but jeans,

But if you’re creative, you’ll know what we mean.

(head to toe denim, but the look is on you)

  • Does it have to be head to toe? Do shoes count?
    • No shoes don’t


Transman Realness: ROTC

You have decided to show us that you can be all you can be.

Tonight we desire that you represent our country in ROTC.

Military uniform and badges you shall display,

Any Armed Forces, it doesn’t matter, just protect our country this way.

  • This is simple Trump says transgender people can’t serve, well tonight you are serving our nation you need to be in a military uniform and represent your branch of the military.


MF Face: Lovely. FRESH. Carta.

We know after a haircut a face can be all the rave.

Tonight let’s see you in the chair and see how you behave.

No selling for tens only a chair and a black smock,

You ’re sitting still, undeniable carta you will rock.

Now if you ponder and still want to know the taste,

It’s very simple. Its just strictly face!!!!!

(For your 10s you will sit in the chair with a black barber’s smock around your neck. You will be scored for the 5 elements of your face and we WILL CHECK for razor bumps..scars and pimples)

  • What you mean I can’t sell it?
    • This face category has two parts you will first sit in the barber chair that we will be supplied by us and you will be judged by Whitney and Emery. If you pass them, then you will proceed to the judges. After all, have been judged by Whitney and Emery the judges will vote on who has face for the night. After you are judged by Whitney and Emery from then on you are free to sell the fuck out of your face!!!


BQ Realness w/ a Twist: -For The Love of Realness

Over time this category has gotten lost in the mist,

We have been blind to the realness and have been confused to the twist.

Tonight for your tens you will vogue when the beat drops,

But it will not be house music but to the sound of hip-hop.

No tutu’s spandex or other cunty dress

The quest is to win totally on realness!

  • Well there only be hip-hop music?
    • Yes, there will only be hip-hop music for this category.
  • Can I bring my own music?
    • No.
  • Will we have to get our tens for realness first?
    • Yes you will be judged on your realness first and then come back to vogue.


BQ School Boy Realness: The Foreign Exchange Student

Ballroom is absolutely a school of hard knocks,

Can you travel worldwide and not be clocked?

You travel the globe and love the culture overseas

Tonight bring us their culture and in your quest to get your degree.

(Bring us a look from your favorite stop.)

  • What are you looking for, for this category?
    • We are looking for you to display the culture and educational experience of your host country.
  • So you want me to bring the flag and a schoolboy outfit?
    • Nope, we need more than that we want to see the culture of the country. The goal of a foreign exchange student is to pick up on the other countries culture.


Executive Realness: The Dream To Be

From the Civil Rights Movement to the Movement for Black Lives,

Our love has made us resistant through so much strife.

Malcolm and Martin are examples of are our staples,

Bring a Civil Rights leader to life, show us you’re able.

  • Pretty simple pick a Civil Rights leader and bring them to life though emulating them. Do your research and find a look of them that you can recreate. I encourage you to bring a photo and info of the person you are trying to emulate.


BQ Thug Realness: Platinum Cover

Your realness and swag have gotten you through and you could never, ever be stopped.

You can’t be clocked, we want to know why, so show us how you got to the top.

Show us your skills; we want a REAL look— an award-winning effect like no other.

Tonight we challenge you to recreate a famous rap album cover!

Bring to life your favorite rapper, but it must be clear and matter of fact;

Don’t forget, this is still realness and the Garcon Ball is where it’s all at!

(You must bring the cover of your rap album of choice as a reference)


  • Can I do a single cover?
    • Yes, we will accept the cover of a single.
  • Do I have to bring a picture of the cover I’m copying?
    • Yes, we want to see the picture of the cover you are copying.
  • Can I have a production?
    • Yes go for it but keep it under a minute.


FF Face: The Matrix Reloaded

With a bone snatched ponytail, your face you will reveal,

All your opponents you’ve come to seal.

Now don’t forget its still face and not about tricks,

In a sexy effect, bring us your undeniable face matrix.

  • Simple its face you have to have a bone snatch ponytail, weaves are fine.  Your outfit must be sexy. Use your imagination on sexiness nudity is not necessary and discouraged.


Pretty Boy Realness: Supa Fly

Priest was a SEXY dealer wanting to get out of the trade,

Compromised by a leak, there decisions to be made.

Do your research and bring his look to the floor.

Stick it to the man and make a better life because you want more.

(Do your research, you don’t have to have his hairstyle but hair must be groomed and shaped)

  • Simply do a look inspired by the character Priest in the 2018 version of SupaFly. You do not have to have perm hair but your hair needs to be groomed.


MF Sex Siren: Without The Extra

(4 trophies: Jr, Sr, Catboy, Transman)

Skin, skin and more skin is what is always seen.

Tonight mesmerize us in a pair of designer jeans.

No matter which siren you bring, can you still be sexy in jeans?

Selling sex is what we mean!

(Designer jeans a must!)

  • Simple you need to wear a pair of designer jeans. Yes, you can wear accessories hat belt etc. Designer jeans no H&M no Wranglers…lol Designer jeans (Low-end designers like True Religion, Red Monkey etc and High end like Balmain, Gucci, etc)


FF Performance: The Dominatrix

(3 Trophies)

You’re mistress to her and mistress to him,

Little do you know, that you’re in the dim.

You caught all the shade from a simple text,

Now you must retaliate whilst using sex!

In leather or latex, technique is a must.

It’s only your performance that we can trust!

  • Simple you must be in leather or latex this isn’t head to toe leather or latex but the predominate fabric must be leather or latex or a combination of both.


MF/FF High Fashion Streetwear: NOT The Softer Side of Sears

(2 Trophies)

This by far is for the DIVA.

Not for a the cheap fashionista either.

We want high-end streetwear, labels that cant be beat,

There’s nothing sexier than a fashionista from the street!

(We want to see you fashionably done in high fashion streetwear.)

  • High Fashion streetwear bring it.


FF Sex Siren- Succubus

(3 Trophies:)

According to Zohar and the Alphabet of Ben Sira, Lilith was Adam’s first wife.

Let the story be told, she left him for Samuel, an archangel, protector of life.

She became a succubus, appearing in men’s dreams, tempting them with sex and lore.

A seductress, a demon, all wrapped up in one, tonight we want to see more.

(Bring the look of a succubus… DO YOUR RESEARCH)

  • FF Sex Siren do your research bring your vision of a Succubus to life.


BQ Body – The Spokesmodel: Muscle & Fitness vs Men’s Health

(2 Trophies Muscular Body vs Models Body)

A walking Adonis is what people see,

Sculptured and sickening are all that it needs to be.

Tonight you audition for one of two magazines

Weightlifter or Runner whichever fits your scene!

  • Simple BQ body Muscular vs Models you can do a production


Sr FQ Executive Realness vs Jr FQ School Girl Realness: Dean vs. Student

(2 Trophies)

As winter approaches, school is in full swing.

You have cut class, and been caught by the Dean.

Realness is the category you both must bring,

The Dean versus the student is exactly what we mean.

(Sr FQs bring it as the dean of the school, Jr FQs bring is as a schoolgirl)

  • Simple the School Dean vs the Student. Uniforms are ok.
  • Jr FQ’s are generally  under 30
  • Sr FQ’s are generally maturer over 30


OTA Virgin Performance: Tic, Tac, Toe

(2 Trophies MF & FF)

The name of the game is tic tac toe.

Come perform for us using an “X” or an “O”.

Is this your night? Is this your chance?

Now let’s see performance, now let’s see dance!!!!!!

(Bring an all-white look holding or wearing an ”X” or an “O”. The letters can be any color.)

  • All white, Socks, shoes and belts count ALL White. The soles of your shoes don’t count watches don’t count but take it off.


BQ Up In Drags Realness: Play All Day

Play. Play. Play. It’s the word of the day.

Can you be real in any way?

It’s the neighborhood block party and you’re coming through.

You have decided to go up in “ems” and no one has a clue.

In jeans and a t-shirt, you are looking so damn right

So unclockable the boys want you all day and all night.

(You must be unclockable in denim jeans with a white t-shirt)

  • Simple jeans and a white t-shirt for this category you can have print or a design on the t-shirt. But the t-shirt must be white.


BQ Vogue Fem: Tell Us Your Story to the beat!

There is a lot of shit you had on your mind

You have come to the ball because you believe it’s time

Performing In a sickening effect you have something say

This is more than just spinning and dipping that same old tired way

Tonight, your performance will tell the ballroom your story

A legendary performance worth vogue glory!

(You don’t have to be a legend for this category)

  • Do I have to be a legend for this category?
    • No, anyone can walk this category.
  • What is a sickening effect?
    • That’s your job use your imagination this is about making a moment so make a moment.
  • What do you mean by more than spinning and dipping?
    • This is vogue “performance” we want to see talent you need to tell a story with your performance whatever story you want to tell. When you perform we should feel what you are expressing. Use your outfit to help tell your story.  If you are just coming to do a duck walk, spin and drop this is not for you. We have seen that before its time to change the game you are a dancer be artistic.


Old Way vs New Way: A Night at the Club

We hear the beat of the heat as you get up from your seat.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, please uncover your moves from the dirt.

Come to display this flashback performance in an abstract-printed shirt!

No gloves and costume needed, you and your opponents have just greeted,

Use technique and storytelling and you surely won’t be defeated.

(Paradise Garage and Traxx -vs- Sound Factory and Better Days- take us there…when the club battles were the hottest of them all.)

  • I don’t get it?
    • Well back in the day we went into the clubs and we battle each other at the club we didn’t wait for the bail the beat came on and the battle was on.
  • What does abstract printed shirt mean?
    • Your shirt can have an abstract piece of art printed on the shirt or made of abstracted printed fabric.  But it needs to be obviously abstract we shouldn’t have to look at the details of the shirt to see the abstract image.


$1000 OTA Runway

(4 trophies-Legendary, European, All-American, Female Figure, 1 cash)

Tonight we take it back to the old time way,
Where the models walk in suits when they come out to play.
Don’t forget your creative frame,
Because tonight we want to see a nasty runway game.

(In a tailored suit with creative frame/sunglasses/glasses)

  • Does the suit have to be a male suit?
    • Nope as long as it is tailored.
  • What do you mean by tailored suit?
    • Any suit that has been created or altered to fit your body. The suit should be fitted.
  • Can a mask be a creative frame?
    • Sure can, a mask can be a creative frame.


$TBD – BQ Legendary Performance Era vs Era

Legendary performance is what I want to see,
Either you’re that legendary bytch or a legendary wanna be!

There has been talk about girls who got their legendary status, and no one knows why,
So tonight, I want you to Muthaf*cking “bring it” and this will be your battle cry!

You will battle within your era, then we will then see who is left last.
The final era winners will battle each other in the ultimate battle for the cash!

  • Simple this is a bring it moment. Bring it and you better make us know it fast!!!



Last update 11/7/2018

Rules for the Night


* Glitter, spray paint, body paint and any other liquids or aerosols are not allowed inside the venue. All effects using these materials must enter the facility completed/finished. Anyone caught using these materials inside the event space will be disqualified and removed from the ball.

* Animals are not permitted!

* Security will be handled by in-house security and the Metropolitan Police Department for the District of Columbia. There will also be off-duty police in the building for extra security. Any person or persons deemed to be disruptive will be removed from the building, with no refunds for ticket or tables.

* Fighting will not be tolerated any violent threats or incidents will result in removal and prosecution to the fullest extent of federal law.